Yes, My Darling Daughter (Ann Harding)
Burlesque (Bert Lahr)
Light Up the Sky (Diana Barrymore)
Dressed to Kill (Chester Morris)
Anna Lucasta (Lizabeth Scott)
Happy Birthday (Joan Blondell)
My Sister Eileen (Billy Gilbert)
Let Us Be Gay (Kay Francis)
The Bat (Zasu Pitts)
Kiss and Tell (Peggy Ann Garner)
The Barretts of Wimpole Street (Susan Peters)
Her Cardboard Lover (Tom Drake)
Accent on Youth (Paul Lukas)
The Philadelphia Story (Sarah Churchill)
Petticoat Fever (Sonny Tufts)
Angel Street (Laraine Day)
Born Yesterday (Shelley Winters)
Harvey (Bert Wheeler)
Another Language (Martha Scott)
Primrose Path (Ann Corio)
For Love Or Money (John Loder)
Over 21 (Eve Arden)
Goodbye My Fancy (Sylvia Sidney)
Apple of His Eye (Edward Arnold)
Candlelight (Jean Parker)
The Poor Nut (Lon McAllister)
The Spider (Victor Jory)
Finian's Rainbow (Jerry Wayne)
Tobacco Road (John Carradine)
Post Road (Zasu Pitts)
The Chocolate Soldier (Ernest McChesney)
The Curtain Rises (Veronica Lake)
A Streetcar Named Desire (Richard Kiley)
Die Fledermaus (Ernest McChesney)
Golden Boy (John Garfield)
Candida (Olivia de Havilland)
Separate Rooms (Barbara Britton)
Pal Joey (Carol Bruce)
Rain (Lawrence Tibbett)
Glad Tidings (Melvyn Douglas & Signe Hasso)
Springtime for Henry (Edward Everett Horton)
Brigadoon (Kenley Players)
Skylark (Constance Bennett)
Personal Appearance (Georgia Sothern)
Mirror, Mirror (Kay Francis)
Tonight Or Never (Ilona Massey)
Remains to Be Seen (Veronica Lake & Jackie Cooper)
Little Foxes (Ruth Chatterton)
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (Lanny Ross)
Come on Up, Ring Twice (Mae West)
Private Lives (Alexis Smith & Victor Jory)
Gramercy Ghost (Angela Lansbury)
Anonymous Lover (Betty Garrett & Larry Parks)
Happy Time (Denise Darcel)
White Cargo (Rose La Rose)
Kiss Me, Kate (Arthur Maxwell & Juliana Larson)
Second Man (Franchot Tone & Betsy Von Furstenburg)
Charley's Aunt (Francis Ballard)
Maid in the Ozarks (Gina!!! & Burman Bodel)
A Night At Mme. Tussaud's (Peter Lorre & Miriam Hopkins)
Loco (Dagmar & Arthur Treacher)
Mister Roberts (Kenley Players)
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Rusti Salmon)
Affairs of State (June Havoc)
The Postman Always Rings Twice (Barbara Payton & Tom Neal)
I Am a Camera (Evelyn Keyes)
The Moon Is Blue (Jean Jory)
Call Me Madam (Patrice Wilkes & Jimmy Kirkwood)
Bell, Book and Candle (Alexis Smith & Victor Jory)
Annie Get Your Gun (Sarah Dillon)
John Kenley's Sassy Little Lassie (Chaz Chase)
Anna Lucasta (Sherry Britton)
The Respectful Prostitute (Amelia Corley)